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Jean is currently the Creative Lead at Ampersand Design Think Lab, a studio focused on brand, culture, and sustainability communications. With a background in Advertising and Multimedia Arts, she is comfortable working in the digital space for large-scale projects and campaigns, yet devotes her time to helping communities, non-profits, and starter brands thrive. She is currently taking up sustainable development studies whilst practicing her profession in the Philippines.

Art Direction



Print and


Establishing the creative direction for brands or projects

Illustration for Packaging Design, Book Covers, Editorials, Textiles, and etc. - custom for brands or concepts

Graphic design services for Editorial, Packaging Design, and other Print-focused projects

Jean is also open to working with non-profit organizations, institutions or individuals running projects centered on marginalized communities, environmental conservation or Filipino heritage. 

She is currently studying Sustainability and is also interested in its relevant fields. 

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