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Previously an Art Director, Jean is now an independent designer and commercial illustrator. With a background in Advertising and Multimedia Arts, she is comfortable working in the digital space for large-scale projects and campaigns, yet remains very passionate about helping individuals and starter brands thrive.

Shifting to working independently, Jean has worked with local and international clients, varying from consumer brands and creative design studios to non-government organizations. She is now currently focusing on her craft to help starter brands and environmental efforts in the Philippines.  

Art Direction



Print and


Visual design direction, Communication and Creative strategy

Illustration for Packaging Design, Book Covers, Editorials, Textiles, and etc., custom-made for your brand or concept

Graphic Design for Editorials, Identity and Packaging Design, and other Print-related collaterals

Jean is also open to working with non-profit organizations, institutions or individuals running projects centered on marginalized communities, environmental conservation, sustainability, or Filipino heritage. 

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