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Can design
change the world?

I sure hope so.
Oftentimes “Design” is mentioned as form meets function—I think of it as creating real and lasting solutions for people. Journeying as a sustainability professional has been the first step in using my skills to help create a brighter future for all.

Asking the right questions

There are so many ways to skin a cat. As designers, we are problem-solvers. Our skills are just tools to get to the most efficient solutions possible. And sometimes, more than half the work is communication.

ESG & Sustainability Communications

I work together with a talented group of individuals as design director in Ampersand Design Think Lab; a creative studio focused on sustainability and culture communications.


Design &
Creative Solutions

ESG & Sustainability

Something on your mind?

If you would like to work with me, ask questions,  request for CV / portfolio, or even just meet-up for coffee, please do message me through email or the form below.

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If you are a non-profit organization or running projects centered on social progress, marginalized communities, or environmental conservation please do get in touch because I would love to assist you.

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